Voice message transcription is one of the coolest features that not only save time but make the conversation more fun. Users, who often encounter long text conversations really love this feature, but sadly WhatsApp doesn’t provide this service at present.

However, the WhatsApp developers are planning to soon introduce the voice message transcription for the users. It’ll be a safe service and will guarantees users’ privacy. Furthermore, it’ll come on the iPhones first.

First of all, let me tell you, voicemail transcription is a conversion feature or service that converts audio into text. There are many third-party applications such as Transcribe, Speechnotes, Voice Notes, and so on, that provide this service.

Coming back to this possibility on WhatsApp, iOS users will soon get this feature. Let’s understand, how it’ll work on WhatsApp:

(Screenshot Credits: WABetaInfo)

Like other features, users have to first give permission to enable this transcription service. Concerning the privacy policy, WhatsApp will provide the following relief to the users.

  • This feature will work only after getting users’ permission.
  • The messages won’t be sent to WhatsApp or Facebook server for getting the transcription
  • Apple will solely be responsible for the audio to text conversion
  • Besides, the US bases firm user the voice message to enhance its speech recognition technology
  • The user’s identity won’t be exposed on Apple’s server

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What Will be New in WhatsApp’s Transcription Service:

Once you have enabled this service, you can easily convert your voice mail to text format without struggling with the keyboard. After converting some voice messages, WhatApp will save them in the specific transcribe section, so you can use them often.

It means when you are ready to use the transcription service, it will lead to you a transcribe section. Here, WhatsApp will save the frequently used message, so they won’t be needed to transcript it again.

(Screenshot Credits: WABetaInfo)

When will it come for the users:

As of now, there is no news about the availability of this feature. It’s still undergoing several tests for flawless user service. Besides, there are many things that are still unclear such as invoking buttons or settings. However, as it’ll ready for the beta testers, its further news will automatically come to light.

(Source- WABetaInfo)