The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and SONNY collaboration is bringing the PUBG Son Heung-Min Event for the PC and Console players. The lucky player can get the special helmet with the autograph of Son Heung Min, who is a famous soccer player and caption of the national team of South Korea.

This is the time to show your battleground skills and get a real-life memorandum from the PUBG x SONNY collaboration. Now, let’s check the timeline, missions, and rewards.

PUBG Son Heung-min Event Sketch:

Event Timeline

This two-week event has been stated, so the desired users can take park corresponding to their respective timeline mentioned below-

  • Pacific Daylight Time: Ends on 3rd August at 0 AM
  • Central European Summer Time: Ends on 3rd August at 9 AM
  • Korean Standard Time: Ends on 3rd August at 4 AM

Event Mission:

Completed all the tasks you can to obtain most of the points. After that, the winning points can be exchanges for further rewards. Acquire greater points to get huge rewards. A special price for the fans of Son Heung Min is awaiting, but before it clear the following mission.

  1. Survive: The payers have to service 30 minutes in a single match to gain 20 points which will be spent spectating their teammates.
  2. Loot a Level 2 Helmet: The 20 points will be given to the player who’ll loot a level 2 helmet
  3. Top 20: On reaching the top 20 the players will get 25 Points
  4. Top 10: Obtained any of the top 10 positions to get 35 points in the game

Event Bonuses:

Players can redeem the following awards with the points they obtain during the missions-

  • 700 Points- Son Heung Min Helmet on level 3
  • 200 Points- Contraband coupon x 10
  • 100 Points- Contraband coupon x 4
  • 100 Points- Contraband coupon x 4

Special Leuck Draw Event:

The top five players who will succeed in getting the Heung Min Helmet of level 3 will be selected for the real present via lucky draw, which is a real Level 3 Helmet signed by the player himself.

The results will be announced on August 11 on the official website, social media accounts, and news pages. Stay tuned for further information.

How to participate:

There are two ways to find this event on their account by flowing the below-mentioned steps-

1 Click the Care Package icon at the upper-right edge of the main lobby screen

2 You can check the notification center to find this contraband event

Note- All the points collected during this event will expire after this event will end. SO don’t forget to use all your points until the event end.