Huawei Petal Speed is a professional testing application, provides tools to test mobile networks and WIFI network upload, download, and diagnostics features.

This network speed testing app comes with optimizations for the one-key speed measurement, network diagnosis, and speed ​​test tasks to enhance the user testing experience.

The latest edition of Huawei Petal Test Speed is now available in Huawei’s official app store – AppGallery in China but Interested users can download Petal Speed app directly from the link given below.

Petal Speed

Petal Speed Features:

  • It comes with a simple installation process and is convenient to use as well as gives accurate results.
  • It can support operators’ 2G/3G/4G/5G networks as well as WiFi network speed measurement, delayed jitter test, and diagnosis.
  • It provides users with real-time network status.
  • The interface is simple and friendly, and very convenient to use with one click and quick results.
  • Support both automatic and manual search for test servers.
  • The test result may display the name of the operator of the network to be tested and the location of the city where the test is located.
  • Results can show indicators such as ping delay, upload and download rates, jitter and packet loss rates.
  • Display the overall ranking of the test results for reference.
  • The test history is automatically saved on the mobile phone for later inquiry.

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